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Driving in South Bohemia

Napsal: 3.10.2010 21:05:56
od espo411
Dobrý den & greetings from the USA. I am planning on visiting Munchen, Germany next year & will be making a day trip (via car) to Cesky Krumlov. Is a sticker required for roads in this part of the Czech Rep? I would be accessing your country via the Strazny border crossing. The map on this website suggests I do not, but I'd like to be sure as I'm in fear of sufffering a fine by your law enforcement officials.
Also, do you have any other important information regarding driving in the Czech Rep that you believe would be helpful? I have driven many times throughout western/eastern Europe, but never in your country. Your assistance/advice is great appreciated. I look forward to my first visit to the Czech Republic.
Paul from Connecticut

Re: Driving in South Bohemia

Napsal: 3.10.2010 21:22:00
od siesa
Hi Paul.
You really don't need a stricker in South Bohemia (the map you have is right). Thats all from me, no other advice. Just enjoy!
PS: don't forget, the all-day lightening is forced!

Re: Driving in South Bohemia

Napsal: 3.10.2010 21:22:28
od mapman
Hello Paul

To answer your first question, sticker is not required anywhere in South Bohemia, so you don't have to worry about any toll on roads.

Driving in Czech Republic is more or less comparable to driving in other neighbouring countries, quality of roads is slightly improving... Don't forget to have headlights on (mandatory all year long) and enjoy your stay in our country!


Siesa was faster :D, but as you can see, recommendations are the same!

Re: Driving in South Bohemia

Napsal: 3.10.2010 21:28:13
od martini
Hello, you don´t need a sticker for your trip from Strazny to Cesky Krumlov. The sticker is necessary only on the highways and expressway -

There are no speciallites you need to know about, when driving in the Czech Republic, I think. Just to be sure, there in no alcohol tolerance.

For further information about czech highways and expressways you can visit the english version of this site on

Re: Driving in South Bohemia

Napsal: 3.10.2010 22:42:51
od espo411
Thank you all for your advise..truly appreciated. Yes, I've read about the zero tolerance alcohol rule. Though I will be visiting the Budvar brewery with my 3 fellow travel companions and enjoying a nice meal in Cesy Krumlov; I will refrain from drinking. I'm often the designated driver anyway; so not really a big deal. I'll just purchase some extra bottles of beer & bring it back to Munchen where I can enjoy it in the safety of my hotel room. :D
Again..thank you so much for your assistance!!